Terms and Conditions

License Overview
This license applies to all site designs and custom pages, herein referred to as End Product, provided by Justin Hemker and kvTemplates.com.

• After purchase you, the Purchaser, are licensed to use the End Product on one single subdomain URL.

In other words …
You can use the design, as provided by Justin Hemker and kvTemplates.com, on a single website. The term ‘single website’ refers to a single agent website or a top-level brokerage site. You can customize the design to a limited degree (adding, altering, or removing text, images, and graphics) to fit your needs.

What you can do with it
• You can modify the End Product to the limited degree stated above. The resulting work is still subject to this license. This means no matter how much you modified the End Product, the resulting work is still subject to this license.

What you can’t do with it
• You cannot resell the End Product.
• You cannot incorporate the End Product in part, or in whole, into a work created for redistribution or resale.
• You cannot redistribute for free or resell the End Product as-is or after modifications.
• You cannot extract a single component out of the End Product and use it outside the scope of the End Product.

Custom Design Revisions Overview

We offer revisions for a period of one week with a maximum of three rounds of revision (one heavy and one light before deployment, and one light revision after deployment).

Sudden changes of heart (you decide to completely change the design you wish to use) will require an additional charge as this type of change is NOT included in the revision process, nor are change/customization requests to elements outside the scope of the products purchased.

Heavy revisions are actions such as re-ordering sections, adding sections, or removing sections.

Light revisions are actions such as swapping out images, and updating text.

All feedback for each round of revision must sent in one email. This makes the entire process much more accurate and efficient for us to complete.

We do not proof-read your supplied content so please be sure to double-check the accuracy of your copy.

We will provide you with a link to view the customized design on our development server. This is just a mockup so there will be navigation links that do not work, filler text in some areas, etc. This is not meant to be a working website. It is a visual representation of what your finished website will look like. We are only concerned with the look of the design areas you purchased for customization.

Real Estate Board & Brokerage Compliance Overview
Because of the varying rules and regulations between states, provinces, MLS boards, and brokerages that we service, we are unable to guarantee any level of compliance with those varying rules and regulations. As a business, you are responsible to make sure you’re comfortable with the design and level of compliance with your local Real Estate Board and Brokerage. Additional work to update the End Product to bring it into Board and/or Brokerage compliance may require an additional fee billed at normal hourly rate.

Accessibility Overview
While we strive to provide website designs that are accessible to individuals with disabilities, we make no guarantee that every element of every design will conform to accessibility standards as there is currently no single definition of what makes site elements accessible. No amount of work will prevent some issues from popping up and no amount of ‘rightness’ can prevent someone from claiming issue. Whenever possible, we review design elements that may be considered not fully accessible, but we can make no guarantee that elements can be brought up to conforming status. Ultimately, as a business, you are responsible to make sure you’re comfortable with your ADA and WCAG compliance.

End Product Updates Overview
Because we build products for use with 3rd-party platforms (ie kvCORE, Kunversion, WordPress, Instagram, etc), we are unable to control how those 3rd-party platforms operate. We strive to update our End Products to continually work with 3rd-party platform updates whenever possible, but can make no guarantee that every element of every End Product will be updated to work with 3rd-party updates. Additional edits/updates to the content of your customized design (or repair of your custom design due to improper editing), after customization deployment may require an additional fee billed at normal hourly rate.

Notice: Justin Hemker and kvTemplates.com have not been endorsed by, nor have any official relationship with kvCORE, Kunversion, InsideRealEstate, WordPress, Instagram, or Facebook.