Social Feed Installation

USD $50.00

Looking for a great way to integrate your social feeds into your kv website? Look no further! We found what we believe is THE BEST social feed widget available that can be integrated into your site. Enter Elfsight Social Widget.

This 3rd party widget has numerous layouts and customization options, and integrates with a bunch of different social media platforms. An Elfsight subscription is necessary to use this widget but we believe it’s worth it! Subscriptions are based on pageviews and they even have a free tier so you can test it out.

So what’s the catch, right? Because KV strips scripts out of your HTML code, the installation of the widget isn’t as straight-forward as it would be on, say, a WordPress site. Don’t worry, we have you covered…

We will setup and install the widget for you, add a custom header (if necessary), make it look all good and pretty on your site, and make sure it’s mobile responsive. All you have to do is sign up with Elfsight and connect your social media feeds. What’s more, we’ll install it only on the pages you want. We do NOT recommend installing it on every page. Typical installations are on home page only, or on home page and/or a designated Social Media page.

Check out the Live Demo below to see just one example of the feed in action!

*3rd party services require registration and may require monthly fee depending on options you require. See Elfsight for more info and pricing tiers. We have no official relationship with Elfsight. We just like their product that much, that we recommend it to all our clients. That said, we cannot be held responsible for anything they do.


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