Home Page Design: Black Label

USD $699.00


  • Content customized to your local area
  • Use your copy to reflect who you are
  • Mobile-first design
  • Responsive layout adapts to different screen resolutions
  • Cross-browser tested

No testimonials or blogs? No problem. Those sections will auto show/hide until you add content.

*This design has been tested with the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool for greater accessibility and user experience for all. Some default kvCORE elements are beyond our control and may not pass validation. We cannot guarantee 100% web accessibility/ADA compliance.

Buyer Resources Custom Page
Seller Resources Custom Page
Mortgage Calculator Custom Page

What’s Not Included

  • Setting your website to a custom vanity domain. This must be done by InsideRealEstate (instructions here)
  • Creation of any internal custom pages (unless otherwise specified in the design description). Buyer/seller resource pages, referral forms, custom valuation forms, etc are available at an additional fee.
  • Setting up of website settings outside of the scope of home page design (ie. we do not set up agent profile settings, drip campaigns, registration settings, etc. These are all things you need to know how to do and edit.)
  • Customization of header navigation. This is more complex than one would think. Navigation customization is available as an add-on here.
  • Entering/copying testimonials
  • Entering/copying blog posts
  • Consultation on how to use the website/CRM to generate leads
  • SEO Optimization. The only genuine way to build your site for SEO is to create a bunch of original content centered around micro-niches. Think ‘Best communities in Los Angeles near dog parks’. Now go to those communities and dog parks, take some snapshots and shoot a quick 3-5 minute video talking about the types of housing, amenities, what it is like living there, etc. Transcribe your video. Publish to Youtube. Embed the video and transcription to a blog post, custom page, or SEO/Area page. Rinse and repeat for all your farm communities. Now you understand why we cannot do this for you.  😉


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