kvCORE Squeeze Page Template How To

HOW TO: Kvcore/Kunversion Squeeze Page Link Builder

The squeeze page link builder in kvCORE and Kunversion+ is one of the core (no pun intended) components in driving leads to your website. The ability to define strict search parameters, and assign a hashtag to any leads generated from clicking on the squeeze page link, is more powerful than most users understand. In addition…

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kvCORE Squeeze Page Market Report How To

How To: Kvcore Squeeze Page Links For Automated Market Reports

NEW kvCORE FEATURE RELEASE 03/05/2019! Inside Real Estate (the folks behind kvCORE) just released a new feature that is sure to make a lot of agents really, really happy. Until now we could only create kvCORE and Kunversion+ squeeze page links for a single property listing, multi-property searches, and seller home valuations. KvCORE users (sorry…

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