Kvcore Responsive iFrame Embed Code Generator

12/23/2022 UPDATE: Looking for a one-and-done solution to make all your embedded Youtube videos on your kvCORE site mobile responsive automatically? Get the code.

To follow up on yesterday’s post about the importance of publishing solid video content to be relevant in your market, we decided to create a simple tool to help all kvCORE and Kunversion users properly embed YouTube videos. Very simply, copy your YouTube iFrame embed code from the YouTube share button and paste it into the text field below. Choose your video aspect ratio (16:9 is your standard HDTV widescreen size), and click the Generate button. That’s it! Your iFrame embed code will get the proper changes so all you have to do is copy/paste the new code into your custom kvCORE/Kunversion page. The best part of this is that your video will resize to whatever device your leads are using! Talk about stepping up your game… 😉

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