How To: Embed YouTube Videos In Kvcore Custom Pages The Right Way

12/23/2022 UPDATE: Looking for a one-and-done solution to make all your embedded Youtube videos on your kvCORE site mobile responsive? Get the code (but to understand why you need this, read below). You’ve heard it time and time again… You MUST do video to be relevant in your market. I’ll add to that, you MUST…

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How To: Test Your Kvcore/K+ Customizations On Mobile

Be honest. How many of you have customized (or had someone customize a site for you), and never thought about what it looked like on different devices? I see it far too often… Websites that are designed for desktop computers, with mobile views being an after-thought (or no thought about at all). Current statistics show…

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Can't see updates to kvCORE site

Not Seeing Your Updates: Flush The Cache

Nothing is more frustrating than when you make edits to your kvCORE/Kunversion site and you can’t immediately see the updates on your site. This is caused by the ‘caching’ of each page on your site to provide for faster page load times when a visitor requests to see a page. It’s a good thing (usually)……

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