How To: Test Your Kvcore/K+ Customizations On Mobile

Be honest. How many of you have customized (or had someone customize a site for you), and never thought about what it looked like on different devices? I see it far too often… Websites that are designed for desktop computers, with mobile views being an after-thought (or no thought about at all).

Current statistics show that over 50% of your site traffic is going to come via mobile devices (smart phones and tablets); and that number is going up year after year. In fact, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic way back in 2016! Knowing that trend, wouldn’t it make sense that you (or your web developer) design your site with a mobile-first approach?

The mobile-first approach combats two main ideas. First, selectively serve up only the most important content on mobile devices, then gradually enhance the site with ancillary content and features that greater screen real estate and processing power can provide. Second, the mobile-first approach provides for the layout of the site to adjust to, and become more complex, as the screen size becomes larger. Because the importance of content is very selective, we’re only going to talk about the layout here. How do you ensure your page layout works, provides the user expected content, and looks good doing it?

How To: Test Your kvCORE/K+ Customizations On Mobile

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