Upload Your PDFs to kvCORE

Ever wish there was a way to upload your PDF documents directly to kvCORE so you wouldn’t have to host them somewhere else? Well, you can (at least until they see this video and lock it down).

  1. Login to your kvCORE admin panel and click on the left navigation: Marketing/Smart Campaigns.
  2. Click on Templates.
  3. Create a new Email Template.
  4. Switch the email template to the Advanced Editor.
  5. Drag an Image box into the live editor area.
  6. Find your PDF file in Windows Explorer (or Finder if you’re on a Mac) and drag/drop it onto the Image Box you added in the previous step. Do NOT use the Browse button that is in the Image Box.
  7. Once it is uploaded you will see the PDF download URL on the right.
  8. Copy/Paste where ever you need this link. You may want to save the URL to a spreadsheet somewhere because once you close the Email Template, you will not be able to find the URL again.
  9. Do NOT save the Email Template we created. Just cancel out of it.


  1. Laurie Miller on September 15, 2023 at 6:32 pm

    Is there a way for them to view it, without automatically downloading? Personally I’d be quite upset if I opened something and it automatically downloaded.

    • Justin Hemker on September 19, 2023 at 11:55 am

      Hey Laurie! Unfortunately there is no way for us to make it open in-browser with the way kvCORE’s CDN is set up. Technically when you open a PDF in-browser, you are still downloading it to your device, but I get what you’re saying when it comes to user comfort level. Your messaging when using this method is really important to emphasize ‘click here to download…’ Ultimately we do recommend using a more user-intuitive host for PDFs like Google Drive or something similar that people are more familiar with. This is just one option for certain circumstances.

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