How To: Prevent Facebook Customer Chat/ManyChat Chatbot From Covering Your Search Filters

Simply put, if you use the Facebook Customer Chat widget or ManyChat Chatbot on your kvCORE site, kvCORE’s new search filter modal will appear UNDER the chatbot button, preventing users from applying their search filters of choice. THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR USABILITY!!!

Here is the uber-simple fix…

Copy/paste the following code into your ‘Custom Footer’ setting in ‘Web & IDX’. Anytime the dropdown search filter modal is shown, it locks the scrollbar. We’re simply hiding the Facebook root chat widget when that happens. If you have a non-standard implementation of the Customer Chat widget, or other Facebook widgets, like a feed widget, this may not play well…

body.lock-scroll #fb-root{display:none!important;}

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