How To: Create and Install Your Facebook Pixel for Kvcore and Kunversion

What is a Facebook Pixel and why do I need it for my kvCORE or Kunversion+ site?

Creating and installing a Facebook pixel on your kvCORE or Kunversion+ site is of critical importance if you’re going to be doing any type of paid advertising. The pixel allows you to retarget anyone that has visited your site. What do I mean by retarget? Have you ever noticed when you view a product on a website and suddenly you start to see ads on Facebook for the same product? That is retargeting, and the pixel is what allows Facebook to know you have visited that webpage.

Even if you are not planning on running Facebook Ads right now, it is still a good idea to install the tracking pixel on your kvCORE so when you are ready to start advertising, you will already have an audience of potential leads you can target that have already visited your website.

Creating a Facebook Pixel For New Facebook Ads Users

Accessing a Facebook Pixel For Existing Facebook Ads Users

Installing a Facebook Pixel For kvCORE

Installing the Facebook Lead Event Code For kvCORE

Testing Your Facebook Pixel Using The Pixel Helper (kvCORE and Kunversion+)

Stay tuned for future articles where I’ll show you how to leverage the power of the Facebook pixel by creating custom audiences of people who have visited your kvCORE/Kunversion+ site. This will build brand awareness and keep your name at the forefront of site visitors’ minds when they think about buying/selling real estate!

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