New Release: Contact Modal Widget Pro

We’re excited about this one y’all! We’ve had our Contact Modal Widget for a little over two years now, long enough that we’ve upgraded it to version 1.2. We thought it was about time to give it a supercharge and go after the current video trend. That’s right, Contact Modal Widget Pro is centered around your video introduction!

Replace your Facebook Chat button with a Call-To-Action machine! We will include your VIDEO introduction, up to 4 methods of contact, AND additional resource buttons to drive traffic to your real estate lead generation magnets. You worked hard and paid big money to drive traffic to your site… reduce friction and give your leads every opportunity to contact you in their preferred method. To really get your visitors attention, we create an animated gif of your video (or a separate video) to play as the activation button’s background.

Videos can be hosted on YouTube, Google Docs, Vimeo, ect.

Real estate coaches everywhere are saying to be relevant, you must use video. Here is just one way we can help you with that!

To learn more, check out Contact Modal Widget Pro

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