How To: Make Your kvCORE Testimonial Slider Automatically Slide

Super simple customization here… Simply copy the code below, and paste it into the ‘Custom Footer’ setting in ‘Web & IDX’ settings. Additionally, we’ve added a style to center your star rating (if you’re setting those on your testimonials).

The slider will automatically slide through your testimonials with a 5 second delay. If you wish to lengthen/shorten the delay, just change the data-interval accordingly (currently set to 5000 ms). The slider will also pause as you hover over a testimonial and the previous/next navigation buttons will still operate at usual.

Happy customizing! 🙂

     document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () {
          $('#testimonials-carousel #testimonials').removeClass('fade-in').addClass('slide').attr('data-interval','5000');
     #testimonials .star-rating{text-align:center}

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