Custom and Semi-Custom Designs For Your Kunversion/CORE Website

Stand out from the crowd and make your KV/Kunversion Lead Gen site reflect you and your brand.

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If we don't have a custom KV/Kunversion+ home page template that suits your needs, contact us! We will build a completely custom design to your specs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hide my broker logo in the header?

Can we, sure. Will we, no. Various brokerages have reached out to us and asked us to not remove the broker logos from agent website headers due to various compliance concerns. For this reason we will not remove your broker logo for you, nor will we edit the broker name/address in the footer. For those that have special circumstances where the broker logo is not required to be Prominently Displayed In The Website Header, and you have verified with your broker compliance department, we have included code in all of our designs (starting 2/20/2022) that you can enable to move the broker logo to the upper-right, next to your social icons. Note: we will not enable this feature for you. To do so, copy/paste this code into the bottom of your ‘Custom Header’ setting.


Can I use my own photos?

Yes, we encourage the use of your own photos to make the design more specific to your locale. You must have license to use the images and they must be of adequate resolution so they look good on high-resolution devices. Please note that copyright restrictions prevent you from pulling random images off of Google for use on your website.

Will these layouts work on a WordPress website?

They will not work on WordPress sites. If you wish to have a custom WordPress site with the kvCORE IDX Plugin we recommend AgentFire Spark sites.

Do you outsource your design work?

No. Never. We are located in Cary, North Carolina and all of our design and development is done in-house; never outsourced.

What happens after I place my order?

Shortly after you complete your order you will receive an email with a link to a Design Questionnaire for your chosen design. The questionnaire will collect information necessary for us to complete the customizable elements of the design. After we receive your completed questionnaire we will confirm receipt with an estimated target date and will begin working on your design.

Your Vision + Our Expertise = Digital Beauty

It's a simple fact that these are NOT WordPress sites so there is no advanced drag and drop webpage builder like what you may be used to. So unless you have advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you're never going to get a layout and design you want.

Stop the frustration and quit wasting your time trying to get your KV home page to match your vision. You focus on what you do best- sell homes. We'll take care of your websites digital couture.

And you might think this is expensive. And it can be, but there's no reason to pay a web designer $1500-$4000 just for a templated website home page design that isn't even one-of-a-kind...

Our customizable and ultra-affordable semi-custom webpage designs will get you up and running in no time, and leave you money in your pocket to put towards marketing!

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Agent Authority Mac Mockup - kvCORE Website Example by kvTemplates

Our Services


Your choice of an existing KV/Kunversion+ design, customized with your content, or have a completely custom design built with your vision, and to your specifications!


Create custom content pages to display information about your business, resources for your clients, custom valuation forms, and more...


Metro Custom kvCORE Website Example

Home Page Design: Metro

home page

Home Page Design: Agent Influencer

Black Label - Custom kvCORE Website Template Example by kvTemplates

Home Page Design: Black Label


kvcore landing page button customization

Quick Customization: Change Your kvCORE Landing Page Submit Button Color

Hate that bright orange submit button on your kvCORE landing page? Is it killing your finely crafted branding vibe? Yuck! Here is the fix… Copy the code below and paste it into the ‘Custom Header’ setting in your kvCORE ‘Web & IDX’ settings. This will apply to ALL your landing pages… You can change the…

Screenshot 2021-02-26 14.55.47

How To: Prevent Facebook Customer Chat/ManyChat Chatbot From Covering Your Search Filters

Simply put, if you use the Facebook Customer Chat widget or ManyChat Chatbot on your kvCORE site, kvCORE’s new search filter modal will appear UNDER the chatbot button, preventing users from applying their search filters of choice. THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR USABILITY!!! Here is the uber-simple fix… Copy/paste the following code into your…

kvCORE Sell Embed Styling

Quick Customization: Make Your kvCORE Embeddable Home Valuation Widget Look Great

Have you tried embedding your Home Valuation widget into your kvCORE home page, custom pages, or even a 3rd party site and it looks like, well… less than professional? Mismatched element heights… bright green submit button… Yuck. Here is the fix. Copy the code below and paste it into the ‘Custom Body’ setting in your…