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Short Links – Making The Most Of Your Custom Text Codes

As we’ve stated before, it is imperative that your custom text code reply messages remain under 150 characters because many cell providers will cut off messages over that length. The dynamic search result pages created by K+ and kvCore use a long string of URL parameters that will quickly exceed the max limit of characters.…

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Sign Riders – Making The Most Of Your Custom Text Codes

Sign riders are a great way to utilize Kunversion’s custom text codes to drive leads to your website. The most obvious use is to direct leads (people driving by one of your listed properties) to text the code and in return you send them a link to the property listing page on your K+/kvCore website.…

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Making the most of your Kunversion Custom Text Codes

Custom text codes can be a powerful way to generate leads from all different channels. Utilizing Kunversion or kvCore text codes allows you to provide leads with instant access to just about any type of information, in exchange for the lead’s phone number. You can place your custom codes on just about anything as well;…

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