How To: Hashtag-Assigned Saved Search Alerts


So what are hashtag-assigned saved search alerts?

They’re the beez-knees, if you know what I’m saying! Simply put, you can now save listing alert criteria, and assign it a hashtag, just like you do a lead. When a lead enters the system with a hashtag that matches the hashtag of a saved search alert, the saved listing alert criteria is automatically applied to that lead.

Note: There are a few things to keep in mind with this new feature-

  1. If the lead already has a listing alert applied to them, the saved search alert will NOT be assigned to the lead.
  2. The script that assigns the saved search alert to the leads only runs every 30 minutes, so the search alert will not immediately be applied.
  3. You can manually assign a hashtag to a lead and the saved search alert will still be applied as long as the lead does not already have an assigned search alert.
  4. You cannot edit the hashtag saved search alert once it has been created.
  5. This does not work for manually created leads.

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